Via Romana

You will cross shaded forests of centuries' old chestnuts, oak and birch trees, interspersed with streams and refreshing fountains. This notably includes the site of “Acqua Citosa”, where the natural mineral waters of OREZZA has been sourced since 25 April 1856. This sparkling ferrous water has been appreciated as far back as by the Romans in antiquity. This itinerary takes you on a discovery of the built heritage of this region, full of history, where you can admire the baroque churches of the XVII century and Roman chapels from the XII century. You will also pass by the foot of the convent of OREZZA, where the founding texts of modern day democracy were written.
With a distance of over 62km to cover with an uninterrupted succession of climbs and descents, two great difficulties await you. The first, at only 7 km from the start, is the stiff climb of SAN BERTULI which takes you to the village of PARATA at the chapel and the SAN BERTULI sheepfold, with an unforgettable view over the OREZZA valley, flooded by the rays of the rising sun. The second great difficulty starts at 40 kilometres, with the climb to SAN PEDRONE and a rise of 1,000m over a distance of 10km. You need to conserve your strength to complete the last 12 kilometres of the itinerary, and plenty of lucidity to appreciate the panorama of the ridge path which stretches over some 4km from BOCCA FAVALTU to CALDERUCCIU. An exceptional panorama over all the Corsican mountains from CINTU to the ALCUDINA.

This trail leads you on a discovery of the Castagniccia region in the Regional Natural Park of Corsica. The path follows the mule tracks that connect the numerous villages of the region, and where you will be warmly encouraged on your way. More information Via Romana
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