The Waters of Orezza

To anaemics, it gave renewed strength and relieved the symptoms of malaria. Moreover, its very low sodium content makes it a real thirst quencher. In the XVIII century, Pasquale Paoli, the hero of independence who gave Corsica its first Constitution, came here every year to drink the acidulous waters of the source. In 1999, the public service concession of eighteen years was awarded to a private enterprise that has since flourished. A true industrial renaissance. Everyone can enjoy the shade of the kiosk and the fountain water that retains iron that is not passed on in bottles due to a natural process of oxidation. Today the mineral water of Orezza is to be found in many Parisian palaces, and at a few of the great tables of French gastronomy.

Orezza lies in the famed chestnut forest of Castagniccia, with its old houses of grey stone. In Antiquity, the Romans were in a way the first tourists to stop here and drink the ferrous waters of Orezza, already known for its healing properties. More information The Waters of Orezza
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