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Biking trails
Cyclers on bicycles or mountain bike can also call on the services of certified guides.

Horseback riding
Guided horseback riding is also possible with a guide.
Contact Françoise Poncet 0495557388/0670721445
Number of riders per outing: 6 1h>E 20 2h> E 40 1/2 day> E 55 1 day 80+meal
We speak English too

Hiking trails
Castagniccia countryside
Swimming in a waterfall (one day 9h45 – 4pm approximately)
This hike takes place from village to village under the shade of centuries' old chestnut trees in a forest of green oak: the oldest of the Corsican shale cliffs. You can see a 1,000 year old oak, in this region that has, in less than a century, become the most populated in Europe and the richest on the island. You can explore Roman chapels dating from the 11th century and baroque churches, some of which have been classified as historic monuments. There are also fortified houses, chestnut roasters, bread bakeries, the “Strosica” waterfall, fountains. Last but not least, the ancient quarry of Vert d’Orezza is located here which has a unique green stone, that resembles emerald, and which adorns the tomb of the Medicis in Florence. History, agriculture, fauna and flora and religious heritage. A cultural, family hike. 150m rise + Summit of the Castagniccia. 1,767 m
San Petrone
This hike takes place in the shadow of a dense birch forest, to reach the summit and look over a good half of Corsica: from Cap Corse to the Aiguilles de Bavella, the entire mountain range of the island with its highest summits, the sea on both sides, the Tuscan islands, the Italian coast (in good weather), and over forty villages.

Pedestrian walks with a guide
Other possible hikes: mountain lakes, farms, the summit, and much more.
Minimum of two people or join a group of hikers for the day.

Price for one hike for two people: 200 Euros
Summit of the Corsica mountain range: over 2,000 m: 250 Euros
Contact: Xavier Santucci 0687418126

Hiking fans can be accompanied by guides certified for the mid-mountain range. More information Casa Orsu Marina : Chambres d'hôtes Campana -
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