At an altitude of 800 metres, Morosaglia lies in the Pieve du Rustinu in Castagniccia. Crossed by the Departmental 71 highway, this village provides a connection to the Prado pass and La Porta. It also provides access to other traditional villages such as Castineta and Bisinchi, which have traces of a prehistoric human settlement.
The birthplace of Pascal Paoli, the father of Corsican nationalism in the XVIII century, Morosaglia has exceptional vistas over a countryside that is still unspoilt and consists of large stretches of chestnut trees and oaks. This village has remained authentic with its old dwellings of shale and stone and religious Roman and Baroque buildings full of history. Learn about this history and heritage in the Pascal Paoli museum and in the exhibition halls located in the heart of the village, in the former Saint-François convent.

Surrounded by high mountains and crossed by streams, the village of Morosaglia and its hamlet, Ponte-Leccia, comprise a pleasant commune of 1.000 inhabitants where heritage and nature come together in perfect harmony. More information Morosaglia
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