The Waterfall of Carcheto

A magical and enchanting place... A foot path takes you to the river that ends in a beautiful waterfall. The departure point is to the left of the church square in the village of Carcheto Brustico. After a few minutes' walk you come to the fountain of Onda. 100 metres below, between the walls of a ring of stone and surrounded by ageless trees, the waterfall of the Struccia cascades down a 15 metre drop into an emerald pool.

The Waterfall of Carcheto is in the heart of the chestnut forest in the natural region of the Castagniccia.
The walk is not very difficult, and offers you a refreshing change away from the hotter and most visited touristic sites of Corsica. Carcheto Brustico is a village in the Castagniccia region with only about thirty inhabitants More information The Waterfall of Carcheto
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