The Porta

The parish church of “Saint Jean Baptiste”, on which construction started in 1644, was completed in 1648. Monseigneur Marliani, the Bishop of Mariana Accia, founded the parish of La Porta on 21 July 1654. When first built, the church had neither the current dimensions nor architecture. The facade of the church was built in 1707 by the Milanese architect Baïna. Painted in ochre and white, it retains its harmony with a decor of pinnacles, wreathes and cups framing an oval window. Elegant pilasters and columns surround the entryway.

The Porta, the flower of the Castagniccia region, earned its name as the “doorway” to the immense chestnut forest. In fact, the roads that penetrate the interior of the island and which date from the Etruscans and Romans, pass through this village. The village is famed for having hosted Valery Giscard d'Estaing while he was President of the Republic. More information The Porta
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